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How To Help Boost Your Breast Milk Supply

Often mums feel they are low in supply or they are told their baby isn’t getting enough milk. This article will help recommend ways to boost your milk supply, yet if you find you’re still struggling, before you make any drastic changes or resort to bottles or artificial baby milk, reach out for support from a breastfeeding expert such as an IBCLC!  Sometimes it may feel like you have a low supply when you’re actually doing fine. Have a quick read of this article to determine if it’s really low supply or perceived low supply, then try some of these tips.

13 tips to help boost your milk supply

  • Spend lots of time skin-to-skin with your baby as this helps boost your milk supply by increasing those lovely milk-making hormones.
  • Feed your baby more frequently. Breastfed babies usually feed 8-12 times in 24 hours and sometimes more, so adding extra feeds here and there will tell your body to ramp up its supply.
  • Avoid timing feeds and let bub feed for as long as they need. Sometimes they need a snack and sometimes they need a full meal and dessert! 
  • On the other hand, switch feeding may work to boost your milk supply. Switching sides several times throughout a feed may work to stimulate more production and is worth a shot if feeding one side at a time isn’t giving you a boost.  
  • Use massage! Wait for that first letdown when your baby is gulping at the breast to slow down, and then gently compress or massage all around your breast. It can help push that lovely fatty milk into bub with less effort for them, helps empty your breast, and lets you check for lumps and bumps to prevent blocked ducts and mastitis.
  • Don’t skip night feeds, especially for at least the first 6 weeks, as this tells your body to slow down production and can lower the amount of milk you make.
  • Make sure bub is feeding effectively, and draining your breast well. Attaching and positioning your baby correctly at the breast is essential. Check your latch with a breastfeeding expert (IBCLC).
  • If bub isn’t feeding at the breast well or at all, express at least 8-12 times during the day and night to make sure your body knows how much milk you need it to make. Check the effectiveness of your pump and ensure the flanges fit well to maximize the amount of milk you remove. Reach out to me if you’d like to hire a hospital-grade Symphony Medela pump
  • Avoid using a dummy if you can, at least for the first 6 or so weeks, and offer the breast instead. Your little bundle may just need a little bit more before settling to sleep.
  • Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water or healthy options such as warm breastfeeding tea with lovely herbal galactagogues, which may help boost your milk supply.  The Breastfeeding Tea Co. has deliciously warm tinctures to help you rest and relax!
  • Eat a balanced diet. You should be able to continue with your normal diet and be sure to add some extra calories to your normal daily intake as you are still eating for two! Pinky’s boobie foods can be a handy option for busy mums who need extra calories!
  • Rest when you can and try to take pressure off yourself. Stress and fatigue can play a part in milk supply issues, just remember it’s not just a new baby that has been born, but also a new mother is born, and you need to take care of yourself and be nurtured too.
  • Talk to your doctor about taking medication to boost your milk supply. However, it’s essential to check all the above situations first to ensure the milk is getting removed effectively from your breast, to let your body know to make more, and to ensure you know all the considerations and side effects before taking medication.
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